Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Call for Help

I know this is a long shot as I know none of you are really local to Utah. But, for the past two years I've been helping with this cause. It is for CAPSA (Community against physical & sexual abuse). I've donated all my time to set up their site, put up posters and run the registration booth. 

This is a big thing for me as I really truly believe they are a great support system for those in need. It is also a personal thing for me. While I was too young to think of going to these guys when I needed help, I wish I had. My first real long term relationship was not a good one. It was one where I was hurt often. I wish I had known that there was a place for me, to help me when I needed it. And that is why I want to make sure they have the funding to stay open now. For those that need it.

I know that you're not local and won't be able to ride the charity ride. However, if you feel in your hearts that you wouldn't mind donating a little something to this cause, you can write a check or money order to CAPSA and if you'll leave a comment here I'll be more than happy to email you an address to send the donation. Every little bit helps. Thank you for considering it.


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  1. Send me the deets, I'll post and support it for you :)