Adoption Center

Here you will find banners that I have made that do not belong to any story.  They are up for adoption to anyone that wants to write a story for them.  I can change the text, title & author name for you to customize it for your story after you contact me with your request to adopt.

To adopt a banner from this page:

Email me ( ) the following information:

1) Title of your story
2) Pen name
3) Summary of the story
4) Rating of your story
5) Link to your profile

6) The link to the banner you would like to adopt OR the title of the banner (as seen here on this page)

Usually only takes me a few minutes to get it back to you once I get your request.

Once a banner has been adopted I will remove it from this page as to make it less confusing for everyone.


~*~*~*~*~Banners up for Adoption ~*~*~*~*~
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Banners that have been adopted already
Banners below are available for adoption: