Saturday, January 7, 2012

Adoption Banner: Summer of Love -Adopted-

Summer of Love
Pairing: Emmett/Bella
Banner Status: Adopted By HeartofDarkness

This banner (one close to it) was once up for adoption. I think someone was going to adopt it and never got around to it. When I did a mass cleaning of my computer and banners I have had since I started making banners, I deleted it on accident. It was posted tonight over on TwiFicPics when @m81170 was kind enough to send some lovin' my way (thank you hon). I remembered how much I loved this banner and just had to make one just like it in hopes that someone will make a story for it.  As always, the title and quote can be changed.


  1. Very nice!! Love it!! <3

    Love your blog, too!!

  2. hey hun. I'm going to use this one for Fandom4heroes if that's ok and the other Hitchhiker (Bella/? one) for Fandom4Diabetes. Still figuring out if the title needs changing or not on this one - will keep you posted :) Lisa.