Monday, September 9, 2013

New Twilight Adoption Banner & Plot Idea: Innocent Lies

Title: Innocent Lies
Pairing: Edward/Bella
Banner Status: Adopted by Emotion Masen for Locked on Target

~Plot Bunny is still up for grabs though~

Plot idea for this banner:
I was thinking (and by all means, you don't have to use this idea if you don't want to) two lovers, both doing well in their careers when something, an innocent lie, tears them apart. Will they find how to get passed this lie or lies and find their way back to each other?
I can totally see it as CEO Edward isn't ready for kids yet and when Bella finds out she is pregnant with his child she lies to him about leaving for a job that is going to take her away for a long while, making a break up amicable and leaving them still able to talk to each friends. She leaves and they remain close as friends, talking on the phone and via emails. Something will happen to bring them together again, maybe he travels to where she has moved and has just had their child. He surprises her by showing up at her home. She's a flustered new mom and answers the door without checking who is there, holding their child, to find a very shocked and upset Edward when he realizes what has been going on.
Anyone wanna write this for me?


  1. I'm such a sucker for these kinda stories. But I need to behave. Um, let me get a few fics done and if this is still free, I want it.

  2. I had a plot bunny along these lines, but I have so many things I'm working on already that are taking forever I can't in good conscience adopt something someone may be able to use before I can! Lovely banner though!