Friday, April 26, 2013

Christag Banners Challenge to fanfic authors

Today I've been playing around and some and started thinking these could be used as plot bunnies, so for a challenge to my wonderful author friends, I'd like you to take your pick of one of these word clouds and write a fanfic with Edward and Bella.  It can be a one shot, short story, drabble or even a full story. I'll be excited to read anything you come up with.  All I ask is that it be sweet, fluffy (a little angst is fine but not one that will require tissues for the reader), sexy and have a happy ever after.  I'm in need of some happy ever after in my life right now.
If you accept my challenge, make sure to leave a comment here with a link back to where you'll be posting it so everyone has a chance to read it.

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