Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Call for Help: @Fandom4redcross

(blinkie made by me, if you'd like to share drop a comment & I'll send you the link)

As you all know there is a major storm impacting our east coast.  We need your help, people you chat with in the fandom, friends, family & strangers are being affected by this horrible storm. They need your help!

This is something you'd donate for anyway. So why not donate, send in a receipt and get a fandom compilation out of it to read.  But, please...go donate!

Important info:

Compilation Information:
Submissions due date: December 20, 2012
Donations due date: January 15, 2013
Compilations ready by: December 23. 2012
Minimum donation: $10

This is an any fandom compilation, so lets see a MAJOR turn out to help out here, please.

As I can't write to save my life, I'm offering up my banner skills for those who would like one to go with their fandom compilation story.  Here is a link to my request form.  Please make sure you fill out the form completely, especially where it asks if this is for a fandom compilation.  By marking that it is a fandom compilation it will bump your request to the top of the list, above my normal list (which is on hiatus right now).

I ask that those requesting are doing so for Twilight fandom stories as I know no other fandoms than the Twilight fandom.


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  1. Would you send us (This is alex from fandom4redcross) the link for the blinkie above? Would love to feature it on our site, thank you for making it!