Friday, September 28, 2012

Fandom4Thehomeless Needs help! @Fandom4Homeless

I came across a fandom cause today that I hadn't heard anything about. I'm going to assume that not many have from what I can tell from their blog. I'm going to plead to you, my followers and friends to please go help them out.  Please, there is still time to help them out.

Important Dates and Info:

June 15 - Author Sign Ups/Donations open up

September 15 - Teasers due to by 11:59 pm US-PST

September 30 - Completed pieces & banners due to by 11:59pm US-PST

October 8 - Compilation is sent out

December 10 - Authors may post pieces to their own profiles starting at 12:01 am US-PST

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