Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hey Peeps!


A little house cleaning here today.

First, if you've requested a banner from me, I've updated my waiting list on the blog, if you don't need a banner from me anymore or if you don't like where you're at on the list, let me know & I can remove you from the list.

I am still on HIATUS and working on them as I have time.

Fandom compilation banners will always come first then contest banners, adoption banners and finally regular requested banners.

I have always tried to be upfront with anyone asking for a banner, letting them know that I have been moving (several times within the last few months) as well as having some real life issues that have to be dealt with before fandom life can be looked at.

Second, with all the fics that have been  pulled lately or moved to other sites...I'd like for you to look at your banners here on my blog. IF you have moved your story to another site (after being pulled from FFN) then please leave a comment on that post with a link to your new posting of your story. I'm not sure if you realize but readers see your banner here and click over to your story to read it. If the link is dead (story has been pulled) then you've just lost a possible reader.

Thanks for understanding,

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