Monday, May 21, 2012

What I Think I Know By All Star Donated to @Fandom4NKH

What I Think I Know
By All Star (Dracula's Sidekick)
Characters: Harry, Snape
Story Status: Donated to Fandom4NKH
Story Summary:
Harry's finally lost it. Why else would Severus Snape's ghost be following him around? Harry wants answers, answers that Severus' ghost can't give. Or maybe he just doesn't want to, the greasy git! Like it or not, it appears Harry's ghostly companion is here to stay, whether he likes it or not. But when have things ever been easy for the boy-who-lived?

Important Information:

Compilation due by: June 1, 2012
Donations due by: June 1, 2012
Minimum donation: $10
Compilation ready by: June 10, 2012

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