Saturday, March 3, 2012

*Fraud Alert*


Sadly someone has once again thought it was okay to steal someone else's hard work.  It has come to our attention that someone is posing as the author Bronzehairgirl620 on  THIS IS NOT THE REAL AUTHOR.  Bronze left the fandom back in the winter of 2011 to focus on real life and original work she hopes to publish one day in the future.  Sadly someone has decided her departure was their okay to steal her previously posted work and assume her identity. If you have a moment, please let that the link below is FAKE.  

The fandom has unified in the past for many a great causes - with unity there is power.  So lets speak out to those who think its okay to steal, lie and cheat. WE WILL CLOSE YOU DOWN.

Thank you,
The Fan & Friends of Bronzehairgirl620

Link to the profile

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