Monday, June 6, 2011

Short Story Contest: Ain't All About Love & Sex: WOLFY EDITION

Short Story Contest:
Ain't all about love & sex
Wolfy Edition 

We are looking for short stories that are in two categories:
1) BD/SM
2) Polyamory
These can be of any pairing of your choice. These Short Stories must contain at least 3 chapters and no more than 5 chapters. At least one person must be a member of the pack…
The Special Summer edition of the Short Story Contest is being held the month of July. This time though, there are certain ….. Stipulations. This contest is strictly WOLFY! At least one person should be a member of the pack.
Whether you want to hook Embry up with Paul for some heavy Bd/Sm or have Embry, Bella and Jake all in the same bed, the choice is yours. You could even make it extra spicy and do, LeahxEdwardxBella with some Bd/Sm thrown in. We are looking for something well written, with an enticing plot and the only rules we have is Pack Member must be somewhere in the pairing.
Submissions will be accepted until July 15th first chapter only by this date unless you have it all finished and want it all posted at the same time. Last chapter must be in by August 15th when voting will start.
All stories must be about the pack.
This is an short story competition, but you are welcome to continue with your story once the winners are announced.
Entries may be AU, AH, any pairing, with at least one pack member, and of any genre (e.g., angst, humor, family, suspense). If you choice to do a poly only one member of the poly must be pack.
The story must be new and original. Not an outtake or a previously posted story.
Collaborations are acceptable.
Limit of two entries per author or collaboration group.
Any ratings
Lemons are always welcome, but not a requirement.
Stories must be beta’ed.
Remember this is all done Anonymous, so you can tell your fans you have entered, but you can’t tell them the title or cat you wrote for, if caught doing so you will be disqualified and band from any further contest ran by this group.
Just email your chapters to on of the judges will post it.
Will be done by a poll and also by the Judges.
All winners will be announced on August 31st.
This is a challenge, and while this may not necessarily change the nature of it, we consider everyone a winner.
First Place A banner for your entry, Plus an interview that will be posted on a blog site named down below.
Second Place A banner for your entry
Third Place A banner for your entry.
Judges are:
Karen E. Teague Blog
Submission Heading:
It Ain't All About Love & Sex
Pen Name:
Chapter Count:
Beta'd By:
To Submit a Story just send it to the email address on top.
Any questions please PM us here
Good Luck to everyone :)
Disclaimer: As a last resort, we may be forced to change any rules, dates, or guidelines. Please be sure to check our twitters or this profile page for any updates.

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