Saturday, May 7, 2011

Rules for requesting banners/graphics

Because of some recent issues that have popped up with people taking advantage of this FREE SERVICE that I am offering to the fandom, I have had to come up with some rules to make my life a little easier, and to hopefully provide you with a better finished product in a quicker amount of time.

Please don’t take this personal, but it’s something I have needed to do for awhile now.

First and foremost, I would like to request that you do not ask me to make a banner/graphic/blinkie if you have already requested one from another graphic artist for the same fiction. I know that there can be exceptions to this and I am willing to talk to you as long as you explain why you are looking into a new banner.

I think it was said best on Ange de' laube's World -

 “I don’t want to step on anybody’s toes, and the Banner/Blinkie maker community is tiny. If you asked another Banner/Blinkie maker for a Banner/Blinkie, and then he/she sees his/hers replaced by mine… Um… I really don’t want to have to answer questions or gain unnecessary enemies. Okay? People are very sensitive about their work – that includes me.  So please tell me on my form if you have another Banner/Blinkie, and if you do, why do you need another one.

This is not a competition – you may very well have very good reasons to want another Banner/Blinkie – but I do have a great respect for other artists’ work, and I would like to keep things as polite as possible.

Also, please don’t lie. Community=Tiny → Me finding out very very soon.”

Yes, we DO communicate with each other (obviously) and we will find out if you have been dishonest with us. The end result is that word will get out, and no one in the fandom will grant your request for special graphics in the future. Period.

     I will not create any graphic that depicts rape. I am fairly open minded about most anything else - including slash - but I prefer that we discuss it before I will agree to making a graphic including it. And, I have complete VETO power on the images used if I feel they are inappropriate.

     I will no longer make graphics of any kind with character substitutions. In case there is any confusion about what that entails - Edward = Rob Pattinson. Bella = Kristen Stewart, and so on. We can discuss side characters who have not been established up until this point, but the main characters are solid, and I will not substitute anyone for their characters.

     Graphics take time to make. I have a life. I have a family and children. If you need a specific graphic made in a certain time frame, you MUST specify the deadline = the latest possible time acceptable - in order to have one made in the “Add any thoughts about how see your banner” section of the request form. 

     For graphics that have a deadline, once I have sent the design off to you, you have 24 hours to get back to me with any changes you might need to make, or I am moving on to the next design. I typically have a waiting list for designs, and it is not fair to those in the list to keep them waiting.

     This is a BIG ONE - After I have received your request for the graphic, and we’ve discussed what the design will be, you will either PROVIDE the photos that you would like to have me attempt to add into the design, and I AGAIN have VETO power on the images, or I will choose the images myself and you have one chance to veto my choices and provide me with new images.

I am the graphic designer, and you need to please keep in mind that I know what I’m doing. Some images do NOT blend well together, and some textures or background will not mix well. If I tell you that it doesn’t work, then it doesn’t work, and we will need to pick different images. Also, I need to have some creative license when it comes to the designs. If I am not allowed to be creative, then the graphics just don’t flow well together, and it comes out in the final product, and no one is happy. I am fluid, and will work with you, but you must be specific about the primary design. The little details are up to me.

     Another BIG ONE - In order to still be able to have that life I mentioned earlier, one author cannot request more than 2 graphics of any style in a weeks time (unless we discuss it first, and I have the time to spare). That way I am able to cut that waiting list down, and still create good quality graphics for everyone.

     ALL graphics I create must be for stories that are currently posted online, or will be posted online (such as those for fandom charity compilations - please specify, if so.) and must provide a link back to my blog/website with credit given to me as the designer. 


  1. all makes perfect sense :-)

  2. I've been saying forever that we should have like a union or something Seriously, thanks to my work with TwiFicPics I know and follow a ton of banner-makers in the fandom, and though I know some are okay with making banners for stories that already have them I also know that the vast majority is not...We should be aware of the situation we're getting ourselves into... I agree that sometimes stories change direction and need new graphics because the old ones don't work anymore but most of the people who ask for several banners ask two artists at the same time. It's a bit of an abuse of our time and effort...

  3. Hun, *HUGS* I dont take this personal at all! As I said to Rachel over at RxM banners I totally agree with you ladies on this 100%! Thought i feel for you all that you have to resort to this But its perfectly understandable and honestly I think things should work out better for you now. I really do hope so. because you ladies are doing this for free, for fun and in the spare time you have. When you do you should have a great time doing it, to let your creative juices free and not worry about some peoples bs. Im not trying to be harsh I hope you get what I mean. I am livid over the stuff some people have pulled on you and Rachel, along with all the other banner makers and I dont do what you do, lol. But I agree with everything you said and I have no problem whatsoever with the new rules and the details of what we have to do when we request a banner. No problem for me at all. Personally i try to make it easy for you when I request one I will give you all the pics i like and tell you what colors i want, what my vision is. I think all of us writers need to do that it make it so much easier for you all to create the banner. I scratch your back you scratch mine, right lol. Anyhow I wanted to just tell you what I thought and say again I support you all in this. Oh and thanks so much for the love for me on Twitter! That so made me happy ;) I'm glad to have you as a friend! ttys dear, Leslie